Saturday, December 27, 2008

43 Things about Mandy

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Romantic Traveling Builder

Monday, December 22, 2008

"See You and Me Have a Better Time Than Most"

Eli and I have been so blessed to have made some really good friends out here in Rio. I work a lot in the evening, so when Eli doesn't have appointments, he usually hangs out with M & E. They are such wonderful people; amazingly friendly, unselfish, HILARIOUS, and so many other words. Eli and I have taken to spending Sundays with them. They've been nice enough to share their family with us (Nana, A, A, Z and the girls) and their food. We like it over there. We can't be with our family out here, but they (and a few other families) are the next best thing.

Today we went over to E & M's and spent a little quality time. We had a roast that Nana was so nice to make for us. After Dinner we sat down to watch Love Stinks. Cheesey, funny movie. Apparently Eli, E & M had started watching it the night before while I was at work. Eli said it reminded him of me. Go figure. I guess it did mostly because I told Eli I loved him first and he was like, "Sooo...?" It kind of went like that, maybe not exactly. It's got a few scenes that are questionably, so if it's ever on TV...
After the movie Eli and M had to make a few business phone calls, so I took to the kitchen. I saw a recipe on a friend's blog that I wanted to try. So while the guys were busy with business and E was taking Nana home, I made Whoopie Pies. The closest thing to describing these yummy snacks would be Oreo Cakesters, but these were 100 times better. You should make them. Tasty and easy, the best combination.
Eli and M loved these "pies." I loved them. M's kids loved them. I just might have to start making these more often. I'm glad I was able to make these for everyone. Thanks Chef B. It's so nice to be able to have a fun relaxing night with friends. Every day we have more reasons to like Rio. We are so thankful that we've been able to find great people here.

The Boys enjoying some Whoopie Pies.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reasons I Like Preschool

There are just some things that are cuter with a preschooler than a 4th grader.

Finding the "snowball" in the snow (marshmallows & whip cream)

Making "snow angels"

And I get to see that. How is that not adorable?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Snowing in Rio

One of the questions Eli asked people before we decided to move here was, "What is the weather like?" We were told summer gets hot (but not St. George hot) and during the winter it's cold and windy. It snows every once in awhile, but melts like an hour later. NOT TRUE!

I love watching the snow fall as much as the next person. It's a wonderful change from the sun and dirt. BEING in the snow is totally different. I don't like driving in the snow. I don't like walking in the snow (I like sledding, but only when I'm bundled and there's no chance of me getting wet). Not a big fan of snow in my shoes. I just don't really like being cold. I think walking to school in the snow in college did that to me.

Well, it turns out that snow is not completely terrible here. Apparently if there's 6 inches of snow on the ground schools close and businesses close early. It started snowing Monday, all day! I was working at B & N that night and we usually close at 11 pm. We decided to close at 9 because the roads were packed with snow. I lucked out. Eli also showed up to warm up my car, scrap off the snow and ice, and follow me home. He's AMAZING!

The snow lasted through the night which made it a SNOW DAY. The schools were closed which meant I didn't have preschool and I got to sleep in. HOORAY! Since Eli doesn't work much in the morning we got to lay in bed and be lazy. I got up a little while later and made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I used the Budge family recipes. One of my favorite things when I was little was when my dad made pancakes that looked like stuff. In his honor I made snowman pancakes for Eli. They were tasty! These are just regular circle ones, still yummy!

Now it's time for some dinner, a little "Alvin & the Chipmunks," and a little something from the COCOMOTION (if you don't have one, you should)! Although all our snow melted in 2 days, we're supposed to have a big snow storm tomorrow. It's gonna be the coldest winter here in like 500 years we hear!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Do You Know What Today Is?

In the words of Tony Toni Tone, "It's THEIR anniversary." Mostly Tony's words. Today is my parents' 22nd anniversary. I don't want to embarrass them too much, but I love my parents. I was thinking about it today, I can only imagine how different my life would be if they had not gotten married. I was 3-years-old when my parents got married and life has been good ever since.

I have lots of memories from when I was little. My mom, dad, and I went to Disneyland for their honeymoon, we went on camping trips together; we did so much together. Even now, Eli and I love going to visit my parents and spending time with them because they are so much FUN!
But even more than being fun, they are such great examples to me and Eli. We've learned so much from them. I've learned so much from them. I've learned the importance of hard work, charity, and service. I've learned how to drive a car and cook a good meal. Sometimes the lessons weren't so easy, but definitely worth it in the end.

And most of all I've learned the importance of an eternal family. It was the example they set for me when I was younger that helped me make the decision to marry in the Temple. I cannot thank them enough for that. I know that my family will ALWAYS be together and sometimes that knowledge is all I need to get through the day. Friends are great to have and make life fun, but family makes life AMAZING and gives me purpose.

I am so grateful for you Mom and Dad. Thank you for being my parents and my friends. I love you!