Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 weeks old!

Our puppies are now 3 weeks old and it's amazing to see them grow! They grow so much overnight that you can see the difference in the morning. Their ears are almost fully developed and they can hear now. Their eyes are wide open and they're taking in everything they see. All three of the puppies are walking now and even trying to run a little. They play with each other by pawing each other and trying to eat one another's ears. I cannot believe how sweet and cuddle-y they already are!

Because they are growing so much, it is now a lot harder for Lima to feed all of the puppies at once (which is how they prefer it). She also doesn't have enough milk for them, so we started them on wet puppy food yesterday. It's a big hit! 

We've had so much fun with them the past 3 weeks and we'll be sad when they are able to go. That time is only 3 weeks away and so we're going to start looking for good homes for them! If you or anyone you know might be interested in the puppies take a look at their page at Or you can email us at They've gotta go to a family that'll love them as much as we love them!

Katinka is the one who got the hang of puppy food first. You wouldn't be able to tell from all of her rolls that she LOVES to eat!
From top to bottom: Katinka, Baloo, Bruja, and The Puppy Trio

New Moon Party

I'm not going to lie, Eli and I both enjoy The Twilight Series and being movie buffs, when we were offered tickets to the midnight showing of New Moon, we took it. I needed a good excuse to get a substitute for my class on Friday anyway.

Along with the tickets came an invitation to attend a New Moon premiere party Thursday night. We heard it was going to be a lot of fun, so we decided to attend. We don't do things like this very often, so we figured if we were going to go, we might as well go all out. We dressed up, not die hard costumes like you'd think, but we dressed up. we were planning on going as Emmett and Rosalie, but I couldn't find a blond wig in time, so I went as Leah Clearwater (I've been told I look Native anway) and Eli went as Emmett.

As you can see, our costumes were pretty simple. I threw on some jewelry, quasi-straightened my hair, and threw on some earthy-colored plaid. Eli however, went as far as dying his hair brown. I think it looks pretty good. He even dyed his facial hair (although he wouldn't shave it off). We thought that there would be a ton of people dressed up and there were, but not enough to beat us out! Eli won the "Best Cullen" award while I won the "Best Quileute " award!Here are some other pictures from the party! All in all, it was a pretty fun night (except the standing in line part)! We were pleased with the movie and will most likely get it when it comes out!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 Weeks

I know it's kind of silly to post about our puppies, but they're our babies for right now. And they've grown so much! In just two weeks their ears are almost developed, their eyes are open, and now they're trying to walk!
Bruja taking a few steps
Close up of Bruja's eyes
Bruja getting bigger
Baloo was the first to open his eyes
A little bigger
Katinka looks kind of drunk; she was the last to open her eyes
She's still pretty big though
They love each other

Sunday, November 1, 2009


As some of you know we got our Chorizo neutered a few weeks ago. Well, before we got all of that business sorted out, it turns out that Chorizo and Lima had "relations." Apparently all the trying to keep them separated for 3 weeks was pointless because they just needed a few minutes to chew off each other's diapers.

We're happy with the outcome though! We've got 3 healthy "Chipin" puppies. I prefer calling them Pinschuahuas. We're glad Lima followed her natural instincts and she is being a wonderful mama! We'll get to enjoy them over the next little while before we need to find them good, loving homes!

This is Katinka Ingabagovinana. She was the first born and is the biggest. She came out bottom first, which was difficult, but she is WONDERFUL! She likes sleeping and eating. We call her Tinka for short.
This is Baloo. He's our only male and he's the runt. He's pretty calm compared to the other two, but he's super lovable. His color is pretty rare too.
And this is Bruja (spanish for witch). She is close to Tinka in size, but she looks just like her mama. She's hyperactive like Lima too; she cries, she moves, she's all over the place.