Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Give You the Adams Family Christmas Tree!

Our first REAL Christmas tree! We've had an artificial tree the last 4 years. We thought we'd upgrade two years ago. Our tree turned out to be a Charlie Brown tree. Last year, we were at my mom's house. This year we have a REAL tree!

We're learning a lot about having a toddler running around the house. We've learned that you can't decorate the bottom of the tree with anything breakable or special. We've put a couple of foam and fabric ornaments down there. Also, be careful how you teach your toddler about things that are hot. We told Luci that she couldn't touch the Christmas lights on the tree because they're hot. She now likes to blow on them. She also really likes decorating the tree. We found the remote we couldn't find for two days hidden in the branches!

I love having a real tree. I love the smell, the wonky top, and it is so much fuller than our other two trees were. Merry Christmas!
Christmas Tree 2010
Christmas Tree 2012

Luci LOVES decorating
She REALLY wanted the pink ornament.
Here she is throwing a tantrum because she couldn't have the pink ornament.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanksgiving at Home

Our Thanksgiving this year was more than a little different this year. We usually go up to Logan to my grandma's house or down to Scipio to Eli's parents' house. We did neither this year. Being on bed rest has limited the traveling distances. We probably could have made it to Logan, but Provo has the best premature baby resources available. SO, we stayed home!

Due to the bed rest, Eli did all of the cooking and cleaning. Amazing husband! To add to it all, my gestational diabetes put the kibosh on most of our traditional Thanksgiving fare. I went through the diabetic thing with Luci in the last pregnancy, so it's nothing new. Most people think diabetes deals with how many sweets you consume. Gestational diabetes has to do with carbohydrates and sugars and how your body breaks them down. Needless to say, there are a ton of carb-loaded foods at Thanksgiving.

Dinner was delicious. We had crock pot cornish game hens, garlic green beans, maple-roasted sweet potatoes, and some crescent rolls. It was nice to be able to spend some quiet time with my little family at home. We watched the parade with Luci (she loves balloons) and "Christmas Vacation," which Eli was totally pumped about. I have a pretty strict no-Christmas policy before Thanksgiving. I think Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of year to really be thankful and be grateful for the blessings we have.

I'm grateful for my family and the love and support they give me every day. We have truly been SO blessed over the past few years. Even with the difficult things we've dealt with, we've learned so much and have grown together.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dating Divas Giveaway

I do have actual blogging to catch up on, but if there is something free to win...let's just say I have a lot of time on my hands lately.

I LOVE this website, The Dating Divas. It has a ton of ideas on how to strengthen your marriage, ideas for dates (some on the cheap), and fun printables and gift ideas. It's great because I truly believe that after people get married (or date for a long time) and have kids, they stop making time for their partner-in-crime. A relationship takes work and effort to become stronger. It's all about compromise, working together, and serving one another.

A benefit to checking out the site right now, they're hosting a giveaway! I'm not gonna lie, I like free. They're running a contest to pick your own prize and they're choosing five winners. They have something for everyone. You should definitely enter their contest here!