Thursday, November 4, 2010

Budge's Golden Sunshine Honey

For those of you who don't know, I come from a family that has been in the honey business for ages. My Great-Grandpa Lawrence Budge opened up Budge's Honey in Malad in 1924. My Uncle Larry (pronounced "Lar-ree") expanded to Montana in 1961. The honey was so stinkin' delish that KFC picked Budge's Honey to be the honey they included in the little packets with their biscuits.

After all that, my Great-Grandpa Budge retired and my Uncle Wayne took over the business in Malad. In the early 80's my Grandpa Budge expanded Budge's Honey to Northern California under the label "The Honey Man." I remember seeing all of the machines when I was little. I thought it was the coolest thing that my Grandpa was a honey man. Not to mention that his honey was the best!

Everyone in the honey business retired. My Grandpa moved to Utah. My Uncle Larry sold his clover fields in Montana in 1985. The Malad operation was sold to another company in 1988. Just recently my Uncle Larry passed away. It was really tough on my family. My dad got to talking with some of his cousins (who live nearby). They got to talking about all the fun they had bottling honey and how they all learned about hard work and business from Budge's Honey.

We all decided that we wanted to continue the family business. My dad, my husband, my cousins, and the rest of our local family have relocated Budge's Honey to PG. Just today we passed (with 100%) our city & agriculture inspections. Production starts at 6:00 am tomorrow morning (unfortunately, I will be at school) and we will be in business.

Budge's Honey will be available in Kohler's and Good Earth stores in Utah. You can also order at

My family is the best. For Goodness Sakes...Eat HONEY!
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