Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fight for Fennie

I know this is a little late, but help is always needed!

The band my dad played in (No Limits) is playing a benefit concert tonight at Noah's. Long story short, Fennie is a single mother who was diagnosed with pancreatic endocrine cancer. She has a lot of bills piling up. She's not able to return to work or school because her immune system is super fragile. Some friends of her's organized this concert to help cover her costs.

If you have a free night or feel like donating, you can find all the information on her blog:

We'll be auctioning off a Budge's Honey basket!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Lucia!

It's still four days until Lucia's 6 month birthday, but I had to share her half birthday pictures today because she's so dang cute!

At 6 months old Luci:
  • loves blowing raspberries!
  • is super ticklish!
  • can put her toes in her mouth!
  • mimics pretty well (especially sticking out her tongue and "blowing").
  • is finally rolling over!
  • can sit up unsupported for short periods of time.
  • LOVES eating avocados!
  • still loves the cow, but pretty much just loves any stuffed item.
  • loves cuddling with her uncles Jake and Josh!
  • likes to try and eat cousin Maci's hand!
  • still sounds like a sheep (which can be somewhat embarrassing during church)!
  • pretends to drink from a cup!
  • likes to give open-mouthed kisses!
  • smiles anytime she sees a book!
  • hates being in the car seat, but likes riding in the car. Go figure.
  • is getting pretty good at playing the xylophone on Daddy's phone.
  • enjoys watching Baby Einstein videos.
  • does not enjoy taking long naps.
  • loves music, dancing, her Jenny Jump-up, and bouncing down the stairs!
Happy Half Birthday Little Luci! We love you!