Saturday, June 20, 2009

A LONG Drive Home

So, I figured it was time to update our blog. We've been so busy these past few weeks, but I'm going to do my best. It all started when Eli and I came to Cedar Hills to be at Jake's (my brother) farewell. It was SO nice to see him before he entered the MTC. Not to mention it just felt nice to be back home around our family and friends.

Eli and I began discussing the possiblility of moving back to Utah. There wasn't really too much going on for us down in New Mexico. Eli decided to take a break from his business and preschool was over for the summer. We were kind of in a tough place too in our living situation. We talked to my parents about possibly moving in with them until we got our situation under control. After going back to New Mexico and some praying, we decided to move back. After we made that decision, things fell into place.

Just about a week later we packed and packed and packed. We rented our U-haul (I can't believe we got a 17 footer!), packed it up, and left! Just like that. It was so fast! It seemed insane for us to just get up and go, but it was the right thing for us to do.

We were planning on leaving at around 10 am, but we left about an hour later. Who leaves on time anyway?! Eli and I figured our regular ten hour trip would maybe take twelve hours in a huge truck and towing my car. No way! Of course not! And you wouldn't believe the reason...our dogs. I know, it sounds kind of silly, but our puppies are our little family right now. So every 90 minutes we made a pit stop. Ridiculous, right? Right. I understand.

Chorizo, our chihuaua, LOVES being in the car. He got all comfy in the blankets we had out for the puppies. He walked back and forth between us. He enjoyed the view from the windows. And he slept. He slept for HOURS. He was loving the trip.

Little Lima on the other hand did not enjoy the trip so much. If you remember Eli and I were in a car accident back in January. Lima was in the car with us and she got thrown against the airbag and around the cab of the car. Ever since, she's had a really hard time riding in the car. She shakes a little bit, but usually it isn't too bad. Well, on our trip, it was bad. She couldn't relax. She was shaking the WHOLE time (no exagerration). She wouldn't eat. She couldn't sleep or even lay down. She was the reason we had to stop so often. It worried us.

We also got off our trek a little bit. We thought we knew a faster way to get to Utah, but it turns out it took us a little longer. It was a really nice drive through Colorado though. Nice and green and an easy drive. To make a story short though, we ended up making it to Moab by 9:30 that night. We couldn't stand to go on any longer, so Eli used his excellent negotiator skills and got us a motel at a cheap price that let our puppies stay.

After a good night sleep, we packed up and continued on our journey. Lima wasn't any better and Chorizo just slept. I don't see how people with kids take long trips on the road. They must stop ever half hour or so. That would take FOREVER! Anyway, as we were dricing Ifigured I'd call my mom to make sure we had room to put our stuff. Turns out she didn't realize we were coming so early and that there wasn't a place to store all of our CRAP. So, we had to do some calling and found a nice storage unit in Highland, not too far from Cedar Hills.

So, instead of heading to my parents house, we drove to Highland Hideaway. They were really great about letting us come right on over with our huge truck. We were met there by one of my favorite friends, Kerri Brown. I LOVE her! We basically had to unload the truck, pack up the storage unit, load the truck again, and then drive it to my parents' house. THEN, we had to unpack there again.

All in all, it was a long trip. It was a lot of stopping. It was a lot of packing and unpacking. It was a lot of rain. BUT, it was all worth it. We're home and it feels great to be back!

P.S. Eli recommends this book to EVERYBODY! It's the one he listened to while I slept the drive!