Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Farm Country

I love that there are so many things to do nearby. I love that I don't have to go to work and can spend my days with my girls exploring. We took a trip to Farm Country last week. Luci loves horses, piggies, and sheep. Gabi just loves anything that moves or makes noise. We had a blast! Luci rode her very first pony and is obsessed.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Challenge Accepted...and Accomplished!

This year I needed something to kick my butt in gear! After having Luci, I needed to get back in shape. I didn't do so well on that front and then got pregnant with Gabi close to the beginning of 2012. In hopes that I could get myself into a somewhat healthier state of being, I decided to accept the Summer Fitness Challenge. It's hosted by a friend of Eli's from high school. It's not a contest. There are prizes given away by sponsors, but basically you just get bragging rights at the end.

I decided to join the challenge at the Bronze level. That's 120 miles in 3 months. 120 miles of running, biking, swimming, elliptical, etc. I know that doesn't seem like a ton, but it was for me. I've been low-key about fitness the last 6 years. I enjoy dancing, so I did Zumba pretty regularly. I went through running phases, but never stuck with it.

I stuck with it this time. I accomplished my goal this past Thursday. I have run a total of 126.95 miles as of this morning! I've done some biking, as I attempted to do a Lazy Iron Man with Eli, but I mostly ran. I've done 3, 5k races so far this summer. I ran the Run of Remembrance, the Dirty Dash, and the Team Katrina and I have 2 more coming up. I'm running the Utah Runner Girls 5k, this SUPER special 5k in St. George to help raise funds for my cousins' IVF. By the way, Katrina and Kenny & Emily all have crazy, heart-wrenching stories. If you know anyone looking to help families in need, check out their pages. Katrina's family is local. She passed away giving birth to her sixth child. You can read about Kenny and Emily here. I'm a sucker for anything to do with babies and family, especially my family.

Also, I'm running a half. I know. Call me crazy, but I'm kind of starting to enjoy running. I'll be running the Snow Canyon Half Marathon in November. Training started today. I'm crossing it off my bucket list.

 Run of Remembrance (CJBXLR8 was Dad's Corvette license plate)

Team Katrina 6k

 The Dirty Dash

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Birthday Interview with Lucia

I cannot believe we have a 2 year-old! Luci is SO much fun. Here is a Birthday Interview I did with Luci:

1. What is your name? Luci (Woo-see)
2. How old are you? One. Two.
3. What is your favorite color? Color pink!
4. What is your favorite animal? Horsies.
5. What is your favorite TV show? I watch SuperWhy please. Alex and Leah. {Signing Time}
6. What is your favorite book? I like the Poop one. (Everyone Poops)
7. What is your favorite movie? Sully and Monsters! {Monsters Inc., but she also loves Mary Poppins,
    and Tangled.}
8. What is your favorite song? I like ABC's.
9. What is your favorite food? I eat pizza.
10. What is your favorite drink? I drink juice. {She doesn't get it often, so she LOVES apple juice.}
11. What is your favorite breakfast food? Toasties. {Toast with peanut butter and bananas}
12. What is your favorite snack? I eat yogurt. {As well as applesauce and graham crackers.}

13. What is your favorite outfit? Shirt. Socks.
14. What is your favorite game/toy? I play Bubbles iPad. 
15. Who is your best friend? Mommy my friend. Daddy my friend. And Grandma!
16. What is your favorite thing to do? Coloring my book. Shake a booty! {Dance}
17. What is your favorite thing to do outside? I color! {She loves sidwalk chalk.}
18. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Binky. Blank. {We finally got her off her dang         bink by putting it in a dog she stuffed at Build-a-Bear. She sleeps with that now.}
19. Where is your favorite place to go? I go Daddy's work. 
20. Where do you want to go for your birthday? I go Daddy's work.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Gabi - 7 months old

Our {little} Gabi isn't so little anymore. She's growing so much!

At 7 months, Gabi:

  • loves taking baths!
  • loves listening to people sing (even to me)!
  • is moving around by scooting, rocking, rolling, and pulling!
  • can get up and rock on all fours and face plants when attempting to crawl!
  • drools SO much! I've given up trying to change her when she is sopping wet.
  • loves pulling her sister's hair!
  • likes to chomp on frozen grapes and blueberries in her mesh teether.
  • sleeps 11 1/2 hours through the night and takes 3, 1-2 hour naps during the day.
  • enjoys swimming.
  • loves anything to do with being outside and likes going on morning runs with me and sister.
  • can sit up all on her own.
  • still loves to suck on her toes.
  • likes reading books.
  • is super interested in anything electronic...like eating mom's phone.
  • is easy to make smile, but hard to make laugh out loud.
  • only cries if she's sleepy, hungry, or has been bullied by her older sister.
  • loves to be tickled!
  • weighs almost 17 lbs. and gave me tendonitis.
  • and looks absolutely nothing like me or her sister!

Gabi is so much fun! She's such a mellow baby. She's content playing alone or with her sister. We're so happy to have her in our family. We are so blessed to have such amazing girls!

Check out those thighs!


Luci is obsessed with dinosaurs. If you ask her what her favorite dinosaur is she'll either tell you "steg-a-sar-us" or a "tops" (triceratops). She's even having a dinosaur birthday party. One of her favorite places to go is the Museum of Ancient Life which features a large collection of dinosaurs and other dinosaur activities. She constantly asks to go see the dinosaurs and has yet to get bored. She loves playing with the magnet boards, the Build-a-dinosaur area, the sand and water box, and especially the digging site. Gabi loves it too and stares at the ceiling displays. I thought I'd be tired of it by now, but it's lots of fun!


Luci also LOVES taking pictures in photo booths. The top right picture is her "scared" face and the bottom right is her "excited" face. I love this girl.

Nothing Like the Great Outdoors...

We've been camping. I've always enjoyed camping. In fact, some of my favorite memories with my family and friends have been camping trips. I went to Girls' Camp 4 years in a row in high school. I was super excited to find that Eli also loved camping and we for sure wanted to pass on that love to our girls.

We've been camping three times so far this year with another two trips in the works. We just head down to our normal spot near Eli's hometown that works well for us. It's only 20 minutes from his parents, so they're able to join us for a dutch oven dinner once in awhile. Luci was excited to have her cousin Branson come visit last time.

Luci LOVES camping! She sleeps in her own sleeping bag on her own cot. We go on nature hikes and and do short canyon hikes. She loves to add things to her egg carton where she keeps her collections. And she LOVES fishing with Daddy. We were able to catch fish this last trip that we could actually use. Luci was a little sad when Eli showed her how to gut it, but she sure loved eating eat! 

There's so much to do and teach Luci and Gabi about. Not to mention it's just fun to watch them! I hope they always love the outdoors...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Chapter

Today, I waked out of my classroom as a teacher for the last time. It's an odd feeling. I don't think it really has hit me yet that I will not be returning to my classroom in the fall. I have walked out of my classroom for the past nine years at this time every year. It'll hit in August. In the meantime, while I wait for the truth to settle, I'll just reminisce.

2004 - 2005
Heber City - 3rd grade - Internship through BYU - Miss Gallardo
- I had a giant student who was just about as tall as I was and 5 times stronger than I was. He really liked to hide under desks, and when he was angry, he liked to throw them. He turned out to be my big teddy bear.
- I made a student cry on his birthday. I didn't mean to, he was just being a little punk. I flipped his card and he said, "Miss Gallardo, but it's my birthday." I looked him straight in the face and while shoving a yellow card into his pocket yelled, "Well, Happy Birthday R!" Not my best day.
- My class thought it was so much fun to make the moon phases out of Oreo cookies. Science was a success that day.
- I took countless naps in the nurse's room during my prep period. I don't know if my principal ever knew. Shhhh! Don't tell.

2005 - 2008
St. George - 4th grade - DDES - Miss G/Mrs. Adams
- I made SO many friends that I miss so much at my first school as a licensed teacher.
- I completed my ESL endorsement and Bilingual endorsement in just a year. Palabra.
- I took violin lessons with my students through a music grant our school received. I'm still terrible.
- I got to cha-cha with the art teacher for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. The students thought we were in
  love. We were not. He was married and shorter than me.
- This is when I realized that my students have many issues outside of school and for some, education
  was not their first priority. I handled my first ugly divorce.
-  I volunteered to be in the dunk tank all 3 years for our end-of-the-year celebrations!
- Eli and I got married during this time. The students did not want to call me "Mrs. Adams." Instead,
  they compromised and called me, "Mrs. Galladams."
- Ran races against my students and kicked their butts!
- I had three students who found out where I lived and loved to bug me early Saturday mornings...
- I hope no one ever has to show up to work and find the police there with a little girl who had been
  murdered on their playground. That was a rough day.
- This was also the time I had my first meeting with parents who were not satisfied with the education
  their little girl was getting in my classroom. Bleh.
- Classic sight: 30 teachers playing broomstick hockey on roller chairs. Awesome!
- I did not get stabbed by my transfer student who stabbed  his last teacher with a pencil.
- I had to call a mother because her little girl was constantly falling asleep in class. Her solution was to
  send her child to school with coffee in a Sylvester thermos.
- I had a student make a flip book of me dancing. Hilarious!
- I had a kid promise me that he'll thank me on T.V. when he wins the World Cup. I hope he
- I got my first student gift from a vacation. It was a porcelain hula girl from Mandalay Bay. I love that
  she thought of me while she was gone.

2008 - 2009
Rio Rancho - preschool - Miss Mandy
- I loved being a preschool assistant! No grading. No homework. No planning.
- Hugs in preschool are the best!
- We got to make the letter "D" into a dinosaur. How cool!
- Little squeaky voices singing the days of the week is awesome.
- I was introduced to Laurie Berkner. Love her. Still listen to her with Luci and Gabi.
- Little Olivia. I believe there was a hurricane named after her somewhere. Oh my.
- TL was my little bud and I got to watch him outside of preschool. He even called me when I moved
  back to UT.

2009 - 2013
Lehi - 6th Grade - SSES - Mrs. Adams
- First time I had a room mother! Woo-hoo!
- I made a student sit by the heater because he sprayed "fart spray" in it. He threw it away after he had
  to smell it all day.
- The first time a student wrote a song about me. It was titled "Daughter of Sintin." It was a catchy tune.
- I was told after my first year at this school that I needed to take a classroom management class. I did.
  Things got much better.
- I confronted a parent (a military guy!) about being involved in his kid's life and making school a
  priority. I just found out that he's one of the best kids in middle school. I'd like to think part of that was
- Took an afternoon and made funny face pictures with my students in photobooth.

- I attended SO many plays and sports games! I have had so many active students!
- When I was pregnant with Luci, I fell asleep in the library while the librarian was reading a book to
  the students. She sent them back to class and let me sleep. I was SO happy that they went to class and
  actually worked.  
- I had two students make a video of themselves upside-down and talking with their chins. Hilarious.
- Thanks to the Jazz Read-a-Thon I got to meet CJ Miles, Gordon Hayward, and Jeremy Evans.
- And I got a pie in the face. Twice.

- As a teacher you get a lot of awkward things. Like this door decoration for Teacher Appreciation 
  Week one year.

- 4 trips to the Space Center! It's the coolest simulator ever. It's kind of like being in Star Trek.
- 4 trips to the Clark Planetarium.
- Countless hugs. I'll miss the hugs.
- Four years later, I am $5 richer. I bet a kid that by his 16th birthday he'd have a crush on a girl and at
  least kind of want to kiss one. I love when kids come back to visit!

There are so many other things that I could write about. It's amazing what happens in 9 years and when you share so much time with over 200 kids. I hope that they'll think of me every once in awhile. It'll be weird to not be in the classroom. I'm a little nervous about the future, as teaching has been my life, but I am SO ready to be home with my girls. At home is where I am supposed to be. I am looking forward to this new adventure!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kenny and Emily

Anyone who knows me knows that my family (immediate and extended) are the most important people in my life. I have been so blessed to have so many grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins that I know so well and have so many wonderful memories with. My girls bring me more joy than I could ever explain. It makes me so sad when people struggle to start a family of their own (since I have personal experience with it), but it hits home when it's a member of your own family.

My cousin Kenny and his wife Emily are AMAZING people. They've been married just a little over two years. They started trying for a family right after they were married. Kenny has one son(adorable)  from his previous marriage, but has been unable to conceive a child with Emily. Kenny was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy called myotonic dystrophy in '07 that can cause fertility issues. After seeing a few doctors and specialists, the odds are against Kenny and Emily to conceive naturally. If you're curious, you can read about their story on their blog.

If you have ever looked into in-vitro fertilization, you know how expensive it is. Ridiculously. We're talking $25,000 ridiculous. That's where Pound the Pavement for Parenthood comes in. PPP is an organization that helps to organize races to raise funds for people who need help with funding to start their families, whether through in-vitro or adoption. PPP picks a few couples a year to sponsor from a load of applicants. Kenny and Emily were chosen and I couldn't be more excited for them!

PPP is sponsoring 5 couples this year. There are three race locations so far in Indiana, Northern Utah, and Southern Utah. I know not too many people read our blog, but if you feel so inclined, register for a race (Kenny and Emily's race is in Southern Utah on September 14) and help add to my family. I'll be there in September!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Gabi's Birth Day {Picture Edition}

Christmas Morning
Thankful for Eli's photography skills...

Grandma & Grandpa Adams

First Look

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best. Christmas. EVER.

My original due date was December 25th. When I went to the OB/GYN for my appointment to confirm my pregnancy, my doctor told me I was actually a month behind where I originally thought I was. Bummer. That moved my due date to January 25th, 2013.

This baby decided way back in October that she didn't want to wait until January to come. Hence the reason I was in the hospital for a week. I knew she wasn't going to wait until the end of January. I figured she'd come close to the beginning, around the fourth. Luci was 3 weeks early. I thought this one would be similar. Wrong.

At my appointment on December 20th, my ultrasound came out normal. Baby Girl was growing just fine, my amniotic fluid was a little low, but all in all, things looked great. I asked the doctor if he would check my progression, just so that I could have an idea of how far along I was. Eli and I were pretty surprised when he informed us that I was already 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced. With Luci I was 2 cm and 100% and she came 5 days later. I knew this was going to be quite the waiting game. The doc said he would be gone for Christmas, but would be working the rounds at the hospital on New Year's Eve and would be happy to deliver her on that day. I prayed that she would wait that long.

Eli, Luci, and I spent Christmas Day at my mom's house after some festivities at our own house. We opened presents and ate breakfast at Mom's and then just hung out. My mom recently had shoulder surgery, so between the two of us it was a pretty chill day.

I hadn't felt Baby Girl move much that day. Because of all of the scary business beforehand, I decided to go into L & D to be monitored. I got hooked up to the monitors and was surprised to find out I was having mild contractions (not really so surprised since I hadn't been feeling them all along). The nurse checked my progress and I was still the same from the last appointment. She offered a medication stronger than the stuff I had taken before to stop labor, but I was tired of medication. My contractions stopped within the 3 hours I was there. I had an ultrasound done to make sure my amniotic fluid was up (it was) and that BG was okay. Eli and I decided that if she wasn't in any danger, I would be okay to go home. The nurse sent me home with instructions to come back in if I felt anymore contractions to come back in. She also told me that if I laid on my side or took a warm bath and my contractions went away, it was most likely false labor contractions.

We went back to my mom's around 5:30ish. We hung out a little longer, but my mom needed to sleep and Luci was getting tired. Eli and I picked up and headed home. While I was at my mom's, I started feeling some contractions, but they went away when I laid down. False, right? Wrong! As soon as I got in the car, I started having some strong contractions. It was about 7:15 and they were about 5 minutes apart. I could still breathe through them though. I decided I would lay down at home and see if they went away like before. Mind you, we're only about 15 minutes from my mom. So timing-wise, it was about 7:30.

When we got home, I (very slowly) walked upstairs and laid down in bed. Eli put Luci to bed and she fell asleep pretty quickly. I literally was in bed for about 2 minutes before I decided I needed to go back to the hospital. I was definitely in labor. We woke Luci up, put her in the car, and called the sitter on the way to the hospital. Eli was telling her that we'd drop Luci off on our way, but I cut him off and told her that she'd need to pick Luci up and the hospital. We weren't gonna have enough time.

We got to the hospital (7:45) and I walked (again, very slowly) inside, hopped on the elevator, and made it to L & D. I didn't have time to change into a gown, so they just hooked me up to a monitor over my clothes and threw a dressing gown over me while they prepped a room. Another nurse came in to check my progress - 6 cm and my water broke in the middle of the check. Wonderful. The sitter came and picked up Luci and took her home for the night. It was slightly embarrassing as I was bellowing like a beached whale. In fact, I was so loud that a nurse came in to joke around about actually having the baby in the observation room. Little did she know that she wasn't too far off.

By the time Luci was gone it was about 8:11ish. The room was prepped, the doctor had been called at home (it was Christmas after all),  and the nurse brought in a wheelchair to transfer me. I got up (slowly) from the bed and told the nurse and Eli (not very nicely) that I was pretty sure the baby was hanging out. Eli said it wasn't possible because I was only at a 6 10 minutes before. The nurse looked at him and informed him that it was possible. TMI: I made Eli peek while I was in the wheelchair. It was very possible after that.

I got on a bed, nearly fully clothed. The nurse told me the doctor wasn't here yet, but there was a midwife who had just delivered another baby. I told her to send her in because I was going to start pushing. The midwife walked in, straight into a scrub jacket, and told me to push. In between my two quick pushes, I was crying and asking the midwife if there was time for an epidural. She laughed sweetly and told me I was doing great and the baby was already mostly here. She told me to stop pushing as the baby had her hand against her chin, which I guess makes it a little more difficult to deliver. That didn't matter. The baby pushed her own way out at 8:20. I'll spare you the rest of the details. Just pray that if you ever have a baby with her hand by her chin that you have an epidural.

We got our best Christmas present that day. Our little Tonia Gabriella was born at 5 lbs. 9 oz and 18.5 inches. Surprisingly, she was an ounce heavier than Luci and a whole inch and a half longer. She is a healthy, chubby cheeked, little one. We only had to stay in the hospital for two days to make sure she was good. We couldn't be happier!