Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Being One with Nature

About a week and a half ago Eli and I decided to pack up and head out. We took the puppies up to Maple Grove to do a little camping. I have been trying to get Eli to go camping for like 2 years and we got all this great camping equipment for our wedding that we haven't used yet, so it was a perfect time.

We headed up Friday late afternoon and set up camp. Maple Grove isn't too far from Scipio, so E's parents came up and met us for dinner. I've never dutch ovened anything, so I thought my pizza and peach cobbler came out fabulous! After s'mores and a little visiting, we decided to turn in for the night. We got all nice and snug in our sleeping bags when we were serenaded by the mariachi music coming from the camp across the way. Amazing. It's also a good thing we put the shade up on the tent because it poured a good part of the night!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early with Lima and Chorizo. We made sausage and eggs and blueberry oranges for breakfast and then rounded up our stuff together to go fishing. We went down to "Bart's hole" where E lucked out and caught a decent sized trout. Lima was pretty excited about that thing flopping around in the air. We moved down the creek a little and I caught a deformed fish. Someone had caught it before, cut off the fins, and threw it back. Sad. Lima had a ton of fun swimming and splashing. We blame her for us not catching too many. After fishing it started raining again, so I spent a little time reading while Eli napped.

After the storm cleared up we had a quick lunch of fish (yuck!) and hot dogs and then went for a short hike (I had just rolled my ankle a few days before, so we took it easy) up near the mountain. We saw a few animals, including a deer, which we're pretty sure Chorizo is a distant relative of. Our camp was also invaded by wild turkeys. It started raining again, so we headed back to camp. We then made foil dinners and ate s'mores like there was no tomorrow. Delish!

We headed home Sunday. I love camping. It's just nice to be out in nature where you have zero time schedule and you can just take your time and really enjoy what the Lord gave us. It was wonderful spending time with Eli away from the stresses of life. I think we're going again in a few weekends, if anyone wants to join!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Newest Dragon

I am (almost) officially a member of the staff at Snow Springs Elementary School in Lehi. I was offered the position today and I accepted. I will be teaching sixth grade. It's a grade I've never taught before, so it'll be very new and I'll have to do a lot of learning, but I am EXCITED!

P.S. I'll be official as soon as I sign my contract.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Since Being Back in Utah...

...we've had SO much fun spending time with our families! Here's a few things we've been up to the past month:

  • Attended a Roger K. Young conference with Jeremy
  • Visited family in Fillmore & helped plant grass
  • Been to Miranda's State Gymnastics meet
  • Watched Dad's band play at Snowbird at "The Big Grill on the Hill"
  • Spent Father's Day in Smithfield with the grandparents

Not to mention:

  • Eli started working with an old buddy at The Keyword Academy and
  • I have been applying and interviewing for teaching positions like crazy! I think I'm close!

Family, Friends, & Fireworks

Eli and I went down to Scipio the weekend of the Fourth to spend time with the family.

We went down to Fillmore on the Friday the third to watch the nieces in the Children's Parade (and to see our new nephew Branson). After the parade we attended Eli's 10 year high school reunion. It was fun meeting all of Eli's friends from high school. We had a big BBQ at Roper's Barn and got to watch a fun slide show. Interesting people in a small town (Eli went to Millard High, which was fed by six different towns). It's amazing how well everyone knows each other.

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast with Eli's friends and their wives. Awesome people! It was nice not to have awkward conversations, it's like we've known each other forever. You'll have to ask Eli about the ERJJ the next time you see him though. We just met at the Paradise in Fillmore, not too much restaurant choices there. ;0)

Later on we attended the Parade which Eli informed me was the best he's seen. I was surprised that it was so much fun, I guess I wasn't expecting much for small town life, but I was impressed!

We then went to the fair and enjoyed some entertainment and food. We had Deano's pizza and funnel cakes. We also heard about 15 different renditions of "Love Story" and some song by Miley Cyrus. We also saw a Frozen T-shirt contest and saw a woman almost moonwalk off the stage for a free shirt.

I could go on forever, but I'll just say that the fireworks were awesome. We spent that night at the baseball fields with Loyal and Tonia, Bart and the Girls. We had a few footraces (Gracie and Ellie ALWAYS won...they're so fast!), we saw some cheers, and we saw fireworks through these really cool 3D-like glasses. I haven't seen fireworks that great in a LONG time.

Branson, the newest addition to the Adams Family

Ellie & Gracie at the Children's Parade, MHS reunion, ERJJ, Parade Highligh, I Got One, Ellie, Addie telling the fire engine to "Shhh," me and E, Gracie, Fillmore, me and Grace, Grace and Eli, E, Ellie taking a pic of Gracie, the girls, Crazy Fireworks