Wednesday, November 19, 2008


These are just some things I found. I've been curious and sick and have time on my hands.

South Park's Creators to make "Mormon Musical" for Broadway

The announcment that started my curious fingers going.

Public Issues: Same-Gender Attraction

I really like Elder Oaks answer to the first question. I've come across many instances (working at Barnes & Noble, Imagine that!) where I've been accused of being narrow-minded, racist, a bigot, and so on. I have always taken the stance of "love the person, not the sin,"

but that doesn't mean I have to give up my right for what I believe in. I have the freedom to say what I like, just the same as others.

I understand that our church ASKED members to support Prop 8, (They did not threaten excommunication if people opposed it. They did not demand people to vote yes.) but I know we are not the only church that supported Prop 8. Why are we being the ones targeted? Again, I've been perusing and found these statistics:

  • African-American -70% voted yes

  • Latinos -53% voted yes

  • Asian - 49% voted yes

  • Other - 51% voted yes

  • Ages 30--44 - 55% voted yes

  • Ages 45-64 - 51% voted yes

  • Ages 65 & up - 61% voted yes

  • Female - 52% voted yes

  • Male - 53% voted yes - Local Exit Polls

I've read of some of these other groups being harrassed and threatened, but not to the extent that Mormons have recieved. I might be naive, but I do wonder. Why us?

"Since blacks and latinos voted overwhelmingly for Prop. 8, I fully expect to see gay zealots marching onto South Central and East L.A. and threatening to burn down houses and businesses there."

Mormons Face Flack for Backing Prop 8

On the Daily Kos, the nation's most popular liberal blog, there is a campaign to use that information to look into the lives of Mormons who financially support Prop. 8...Atkins said his goal was to "embarrass the opposition by pointing out and publicizing any contributors they may have." He said focusing on Mormons made sense."

Elderly people being abused? Sad.

Utah Faces Boycott after Mormon Work for Prop 8

I know that Mormons settled Utah and when people think of Utah they think "mormon." Most of the businesses that people are targeting aren't affiliated with the Church in any way, shape, or form.

Missouri's Mormon Past

In 1838 and 1839, following an “extermination” order issued by Gov. Lilburn Boggs, 8,000 to 10,000 Mormons were driven out of Missouri. Boggs had declared Mormons in “open and avowed defiance” of the state’s laws and of having made war upon the people of Missouri.
“The Mormons must be treated as enemies,” Boggs declared on Oct. 27, 1838, “and must be exterminated or driven from the State if necessary for the public peace; their outrages are beyond all description.”

Boggs’ extermination order was finally rescinded in 1976 by Missouri Gov. Christopher Bond, who also offered his regrets on behalf of the state.