Sunday, June 22, 2014

Emmi: Our Newest Addition


Martha Emmalia

May 30, 2014
5 lbs. 14 oz.
17.5 inches

Emmi, as we've decided to continue our tradition of calling our girls by a nickname of their middle names, is an angel. She was named after her maternal great-grandmother, Martha Montoya. She was born at 38 weeks after putting me on bed rest at 33 weeks. Emmi was our heaviest girl, but behind Gabi in length. She has grown the most though. At her two week appointment she had already put on almost a pound and 2.5 inches! She's a giant!

Luci and Gabi are adjusting. Luci (2 1/2) loves her and wants to be a big helper. Gabi (1 1/2) is enamored as well, but gives tough love. She likes to "burp" Emmi after eating. I am adjusting too. It took me awhile to adjust to having three girls under three. I finally was able to have us all showered and dressed by Emmi's 2 week appointment. Of course, I had to break my elbow that day too (another story, another post), so we've entered another adjustment period. I'll write up Emmi's birth story when my other arm is a little more functional.

We love our family! We have truly been blessed!

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